Writing a news article esl worksheet

For each correct answer, students win a point. This particular worksheet uses a newspaper article to get students to think about traffic police. When the wife goes back to school and no longer wants to handle most of the housework, it causes resentment on the part of the husband.

An annual report issued by the organization warned that noise levels in the world are rising by one decibel a year.

In their groups, the students brainstorm their ideas and arrange the cards in order to make a story. When all the stories have been read out, the class votes for the best one.

The class is divided into groups of three. Students are also encouraged to add adjectives to each noun to make their story more descriptive, e.

Writing scripts and news stories also means understanding that you need to get straight to the point! Each group is given a set of article and noun cards, which they spread out face up on the table.

Police today said they do not plan to charge anyone involved in the case with a crime because it "was a case of excusable homicide.

He concluded that children under 4 should "never be given a whole hot dog to eat," and that hot dogs should never be cut crosswise. Working alone, the students complete the sentences on the worksheet with a, an, the or no article. When the students have placed a bet for each sentence, the correct answers are elicited from the class.

There was an accident occurring in your city at 7: You can put the articles of all the students in the classroom together to make your own classroom newspaper!

Journalists writing for the BBC News or BBC Sport websites have to be able to write very concisely because most of their stories also appear on the Ceefax and Red Button text services, which are usually just four paragraphs long. Sometimes you will have to create your own article or story rather than using something from an actual newspaper.

Watch his video in which he gives his hints and tips on scriptwriting for video or audio reports.

Writing a news article esl worksheet

Internet access 2 — Activity — Writing concisely — 15 mins Resources required: Their partner then tries to complete the sentence with a, an, the or no article. Before you begin, read and analyze some newpaper articles to see how professional reporters write.

Paid advertisements are scattered throughout the paper except on first pages the ads generate most of the revenue that keeps a newspaper in business. The students shuffle the cards separately and spread them out face down on the table in two sets.

By comparison, only If your students are not quite at this level yet, consider an alternative worksheet to use in your classroom. The students begin by deciding on the type of story they want to write, e. Find a current story that interests you in a newspaper or think of a famous historical incident.

The game continues until all the cards have been matched.Developing writing skills: a news report.

8 FREE ESL newspaper article worksheets

Average: Writing a news report worksheet. Tags. Lesson plans. Great lesson plan! I have used this lesson plan many times in the class room. The class really responds to the worksheets and inspires productivity. Thank you so much. Unit: Writing a News Article (middle school) 1 of 10 Includes the main elements of a news article, writing headlines, writing a lead, story sequencing, differences between fact and opinion all the basic aspects of news writing are included in this 15 page multiple-skill unit.

6 Fetching News Article Resources for ESL Students Online. geography and special holidays associated with English tradition. The printables have great questions relating to the material which your students can discuss in groups, pairs or with you as a class. You can also mix in some ESL writing skills, encouraging your students to write.

How to write a newspaper article. This handout gives a brief introduction on how to write a newspaper article.

It sums up the most important criteria for the three main elements (headline, lead, body) and shortly explains the concept of the "inverted pyramid" that is widely used by journalists. FREE Newspaper English Worksheets You have found the newspaper English section of the site which has worksheets related to different articles and mass media.

There are currently 39 worksheets in this category with more being added regularly.5/5(3).

Writing a news article esl worksheet

Newspaper Reporter Notes Use this worksheet to take notes as your first step in writing a newspaper article. Newspaper Reporter Notes #2 Use this worksheet to take notes as your first step in writing a newspaper article (with space for a picture and caption).

Writing a news article esl worksheet
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