Reaction paper impeachment trial of chief justice renato corona

The impeachment of former Ombudsman Gutierrez, on the other hand, was pushed and orchestrated by then President Benigno Aquino III, which forced her to resign.

In the cross-examination, defense lawyer Ramon Esguerra said that a notice of acceptance for the Bonifacio Ridge property did not exist, and that Bisnar should be unfamiliar with the property and whether or not Corona's wife sourced the money used to pay for the unit from a loan.

Corona walkout was

Aquino, who has criticized Corona as a "midnight appointee" sincehas denied the accusation. Impeachment is essentially a political process and thus, subject to political pressure, either from an incumbent president or a political movement. Gutierrez, and other senior officials of the Ombudsman, among others.

Arroyo was later acquitted of the charges against her. God said it is time for him to stop judging because he was meant for another thing. The defense objected but Enrile allowed Henares to answer. This caused then House Speaker Manny Villar to suddenly switch sides and fast-track the impeachment process.

Fourth, he did not so much as raise a whimper that he was not feeling well. Charina, bought the property from Megaworld Corporation. But these critics and the prosecution forgot on what it says on the last part of the paragraph on that section that states manner provided by law which a section of the constitution shall be supplemented by a statutory laws ratified by the Congress after or any statutory laws that was ratified before whether that certain law contradicts what a section of the constitution or not shall be still in force unless being superseded by a statutory law that conforms what in a section of the constitution says and in this case right now, the RA or Foreign Currency Deposits Acts was not superseded by any statutory law enacted by the Congress after However, private prosecutor Marlon Manuel was still able to put on record that the Corona couple were given Platinum Cards by Philippine Airlines; this enabled them to travel on first class for free; defense counsel Serafin Cuevas objected to Manuel's statements but Enrile allowed it to remain.

Chaos from the city hall fire had given rise to land-grabbing gangs. But in light of supposed flaws in the Manotok deeds, the government must repossess the entire 1,hectare Piedad Estate. Anduiza said that while Corona recused inhe was not among those who did not participate in the deliberations.

Garcia also replied that his bank did not leak Corona's bank records. Thus far, only two of the members of the 15th Congress have actually disclosed copies of their SALN upon request: In December he was impeached by congressmen, almost double the one-third needed from members of the House of Representatives.

Impeachment of Renato Corona

First, in his long-winding speech, he repeatedly referred to himself as a diabetic, as if to prep people on what will happen next. With the majority ruling, he says, all these landholdings would be voided.

Corona’s verdict is “final”

Senator Estrada asked if the Tiongson was a "small lady"; Garcia replied that Tiongson is a tall woman. Let's see the coming days about the good effect of the impeachment trial. Except, curiously, del Castillo voted on this Piedad case; at least, so says Corona.

Corona was in other alpha lists. Sereno was accused of, among others, having a lavish lifestyle while failing to disclose her income fully.


Enrile also allowed the presentation in the articles in the following order: The case reached the SC. But God also noted: She said that the Coronas paid three installments within one year, in The first en banc session of the high court is scheduled on Jan.

After a discussion, Enrile orders Custodio to submit a letter detailing the reasons why he should not be cited for contemptand ordered him to return the next day.

It has become an invaluable tool in ensuring that the impeachment trial is indeed a political exercise in the sense that the public is also an interested party to the trial. The court also allowed the subpoena of the income tax returns of the Corona couple.

Henares also said that Corona only had one source of income. One group came out to contest the Manotok holding after fire gutted the Quezon City land registry in And it needs serious answers that is a big joke.A political analyst thinks that a proposal to make President Rodrigo Duterte a special prosecutor in the impeachment case against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno should not be taken seriously.

January 30, in Chief Justice Renato Corona, congress, Impeachment, Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, Senator Miriam Santiago, serafin cuevas. CJ Corona Is No Justice William Douglas! On April 15,Congressman Gerald Ford (R-Mich) rose to demand an investigation of Associate Justice William O.

Douglas on four specific charges: 1. Chief Justice Renato Corona betrayed public trust, violated the Constitution and is guilty of graft and corruption, allies of President Aquino wrote today in their impeachment complaint to be filed against Corona. The complaint cited eight grounds for Corona’s impeachment.

The latter, Chief Justice Renato C.

Impeachment of Renato Corona

Corona, on May 29, has been convicted by the Senate guilty under Article II of the Articles of Impeachment (of betraying public trust), with. MANILA, Philippines—Remember the private prosecutors Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago gave a dressing down to during the impeachment trial of then Chief Justice Renato Corona?

Sereno was appointed chief justice of the Supreme Court by former president Benigno Aquino Jr in after the impeachment trial which resulted to the ousting of the late chief justice, Renato Corona.

Reaction paper impeachment trial of chief justice renato corona
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