Brief comparison between characters inspector calls

Birling demonstrates his preoccupation with his social status and class position, and assumes that others—such as the Crofts—are likewise preoccupied. She is around 50 years old, as mentioned in the pre-play stage directions, highlighting she belongs to the older generation.

Gerald says that she told him: Eric works part-time at the family business and has a drinking problem that he hides, with some success, from his parents and sister. Initially he appears to be correct, and does not think the Birlings have anything to feel ashamed of or worry about. His identity remains ambiguous throughout the play.

At the time Priestly wrote the play, and even more at the time it was set, Britain was a Christian country, in both a strong literal sense that the King George VI, Elizabeth's father was the head of state and the head of the Church of England, and in a more abstract sense that Christian morals were reflected throughout public life.

The production was directed by Jeremy Mortimer.

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She likes it because he likes it. Thirdly is Gerald Croft. However it may have been good for her, in that she realised that someone could love her and would want to care for her so may have done her good because she felt that there was something to live for. The dynamic of the nuclear family is fairly standard: Edna leaves the room at the end of the play without mention of her absence or whereabouts.

Then Birling describes Eva Smith as a lively, attractive girl, who was up for promotion, but who became the ring- leader of a group of girls who went on a strike for a raise—shillings per week instead of On the night the play takes place, he is hosting a dinner at which Gerald Croft and his daughter Sheila are guests of honor.

Both her mother and the shop assistant had been against it but she insisted. Edna mostly sets the scenes in which the family eats and talks. Consider each and give text-based reasons for your views. She confesses that Eva served her in a department store, Milwards, and Sheila contrived to have her fired for an imagined slight.

How the character is presented at the end of the play once the inspector leaves — compare and contrast with other characters. Like her husband, Mrs Birling is not a very good parent. Do not introduce a new topic in your conclusion.

He implies that she has left a diary naming names, including members of the Birling family. Birling to the local police station reveals that there is no Inspector Goole in the local police force. She then says that she told her to go and find the father not knowing that it was Eric and get him to realise that it was his problem.

The Inspector, whom Arthur does not know despite his positions in local government, announces that a girl named Eva Smith has died of an apparent suicide. His business success allows the Birlings to live in upper-middle-class comfort. More than any other character, she is adamant that she is blameless in Eva Smith's suicide.

He seems to be a generally decent man but it appears that he his not all he seems to be. The Cambridge history of twentieth-century English literature. After dinner, Arthur speaks about the importance of self-reliance. Try to have something unusual up your sleeve for your final paragraph.


Although she is a member of a women's charity, she appears not to be a strong believer in women's rights: The fact that Mr. Birling believes that capitalist principles of individual willpower and the protection of company profits are good for business and good for society.

She is not, like the Birlings, of the upper-middle class, but instead makes money by virtue of her labor.

Who Was Most To Blame For The Death Of Eva Smith? Essay

Eric works part-time at the family business and has a drinking problem that he hides, with some success, from his parents and sister. There was an adaptation made in starring and directed by Jason Farries.

She is a very class-conscious person and is very aware of how she is perceived by the outer world. The play ends with a telephone call, taken by Arthur, who reports that a young woman has died, a suspected case of suicide by disinfectantand that the local police are on their way to question the Birlings.

Edna takes her leave and Birling remarks how nice the evening is. Goole produces a photograph of Eva and shows it to Arthur, who acknowledges that she worked in one of his mills. Gerald thinks that Goole is not a police inspector, that the family may not all be referring to the same woman and that there may not be a body.In the play “An Inspector Calls” by Home Page; Writing; Compare and contrast Mr.

Birling and Sheila Birling Essay; Compare and contrast Mr. Birling and Sheila Birling Essay. Words 6 Pages. More about Compare and contrast Mr. Apr 02,  · JB Priestley An Inspector Calls GCSE English Literature Brief, very brief summary AQA OCR WJEC Edexcel.

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GCSE English Literature Revision Pack CONTENTS: TOP TIPS: Model Essay An Inspector Calls Plot overview Notes Guide to Writing an Essay Essay questions and mark schemes Model Essay Unit 2 – Poetry Across Time the two characters are, thus, placed in direct opposition to each other.

features a comparison task in both exams, in Section A. require a brief introductory overview which addresses the question and both texts, and each needs a personal Animal Farm or An Inspector Calls Macbeth The War of the Worlds or The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr.

comparison between two things using the words like or as. a device used to convey a deeper meaning based on the actions of the characters.

Epic. a long narrative poem. Fable.

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a brief tale told to strengthen a moral. Inspector Calls. 65 terms. Power and Conflict - key quotations.

26 terms. GCSE English Language terminology.

Brief comparison between characters inspector calls
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